Wednesday 29 June 2016


iOS 10: Parked Car Feature in Maps

iOS 10 remembers where you left your vehicle with Parked Car feature in Maps

If you are running iOS 10 beta and you haven't gotten around knowing this awesome feature in iOS 10 then here it is, also for those who don't have iOS 10 yet and whom are waiting for, this is a good opportunity to get to know what this feature is, we believe it is very useful.

We understand there are many third party applications that can remember you last location and how you can manually set your location and return there but with this feature in iOS 10, it is all done automatically, it will surprise you the first time you get notified of your last location and where your car is. Those images above are screen shots from iOS 10 running on iPhone 6, that is as close to it as you can get if you don't have iOS 10 beta 1 installed, you can install in here for free: go here

This feature is very useful, tell us in the moment section if this feature would help you at all?

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