Monday, 18 July 2016


iOS 10 BETA 3 is OUT!

iOS 10 BETA 3 is Out for download!

Please come back to this page as it will be updated with what is NEW in BETA 3

The New update is very fast as soon as I unlocked the phone, if you haven't already installed iOS Public Beta Click Here


If you are already running iOS 10, here is how to get iOS 10 BETA 3:
Please head on over to Settings then General and Software Updates to get it "Over The Air" (OTR update), very simple and east, follow the prompts. Here are a few screenshots of how to download and install OTA.


After installing iOS 10 BETA 3, please see what is new and comment it what is new in the comment section below, we would really appreciate it or post it on our FACEBOOK Page: here


What is NEW in iOS 10 BETA 3:


  1. The iOS clicking noise is back 
  2. New Alert to advice you to clean your charing port
  3. NEW Locking sound
  4. Color of 3D touch is now a little darker
  5. Circled folders are back
  6. Animation speed are very faster now
  7. New Wrong Finger Haptic Feedback
  8. More bugs are fixed like when you would get stuck at home screen while replying to messages or device stopped music when you turn mute on/off

  1. When sliding down, now it sort of reveals the info
  2. While sliding down, you get haptic feedback (if done slowing)
  3. Color of 3D touch is now a little darker

  1. Now you can send to "iCould Drive"

  1. If you have a long name or number, now shows everything

Control Center:
  1. When 3D touch "clock" or "Camera", your options are more shaded which is now clear

  1. If you got Siri, you now have a new options in Siri Settings to turn off Third-Party support
  2. Magnifier:

Health App:
  1. Health App now ask if you want to share your health data with Apple or Developers
  2. If you go to the activity, under he video is now a text describing the video

  1. In the playlist, you now "subscribe" instead of add
  2. Search in the music app, "Apple Music" swapped places with "Your library" used to be "in library"
  3. 3D touch on songs will give you a clearer options 
  4. Playing now, options are cleaner as well
  5. Downloads is now "downloaded music"

What is NEW in iOS 10 3 BETA 3 (iPad):

  1. The widgets are a little wider

    Download to get it:
    How To Install WatchOS 3.0


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