Tuesday, 26 July 2016


How To Level UP FASTER Pokemon GO

How To Level UP FASTER Pokemon GO

Here is a little more information about how you can level up faster in Pokemon Go. You can basically earn as much as 2 times XP when you have a lucky egg activated. 

You need lucky egg and Pokemon to evolve, every time you evolve one Pokemon you earn 1000XP
I have tried the trick and the video below shows just that.

These Pokemon are very easily found, RattaPidgeySparrow and Zubat. I think "Pidgey" are the easiest to evolve and they are every where you walk.

Pidgeys you will need 12 Candy to evolve, thats why this is good.

Just remember, don not UPGRADE your strong Pokemon because as you level up strong ones will appear. After level 20, or should I say at level 20, you will get an "ultra ball" you use these balls to catch any Pokemon with over 1000 CP. I caught one with 1698CP. It is possible.

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