Monday, 13 June 2016


The BIGGEST iOS Update Ever - Top 10 iOS 10 Features.

Top 10 iOS 10 Features:


1. Messages app
Messages app has not been touched by Apple in years, it is about time it got some love, there are so many feature just for the messages app in iOS 10 as you are able to do many cools things like LIVE stickers, message bubble animation and more

2. Lockscreen
Lock screen looks a lot more useful with lots of information to be displayed on the screen as you wake your phone (note: raise your phone and it will wake)

3. Keyboard
Keyboard on iOS 10 is far more out useful as it has its own App Store now and anyone can create cool apps for it and messages app will be very very useful. The images below

4. Photos
Photos app has a new feature and it is rather cool, ladies and gents introducing "memories" in the photos app as it collects all your photos where you can go there and it will show it to you in an organised manner.


5. Maps
All new design for maps more useful now as it has better and simpler functions.

6. Music
Finally, more simpler and is organised well

7. News
New app offers subscription now so welcome to making more money for news provider

Home app is another stock app and it will allow you to use your favourte gadgets around the house like turn on lights and open doors and things.

9. Siri (also available on MAC)
If you are a big fan of Siri, well then she is far more smarter and can do about anything, like she can even do your essay for you as it is available on mac now.

10: Phone
Phone app can let you know now before you pick call wether is it a spam call or not and not offers text form of your voicemail.

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