Tuesday, 21 June 2016


SURPRISE!! Developer Unlocks Dark Mode In iOS 10 Settings App


A developer has managed to unlock the dark mode in iOS 10 settings, how many of you spend all your time in the settings app? No many. This isn't a great deal but it sure does look a better though, considering we already have dark mode available on watchOS settings.

Too many times Apple has surprised us in the past, let's hope it is the case with the "Dark Mode" on the setting of iOS 10.  Let's look at the bright side of things, Apple will enable this on the up coming iOS 10 on the iPhone 7 as many suggests, this will be very handy. We just want to know if you would buy an iPhone 7 because of this feature? Comment below or on our Facebook page: here



As many of you can see, it would look pretty good and it will be very handy during the night hours. Apple will have this feature for a few devices as it is wanted by many. Maybe with iPhone 7? iPhone 7 and iOS 10 will come out this fall as in September 2016. We can't wait, it will be revolutionary!


(Source: @andywiik [Twitter] | Top image via: iOS 10 Dark Mode Concept))

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