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How To Get iOS 10 Features On iOS 9 Right Now

Every time Apple releases an iOS software, many people go mad after it which is very true and I'm one of those people, iOS 10 brings a few very cool features and many can not wait to get their hands on it, well only developers can get it now and it cost $100+ to be a developer and Apple can only trust developers with beta updates as it may crash any second and it might cause your phone to lose everything which is not true in many cases.

There are many features and this tweaks do their best to show it off, please keep in mind that you need a jailbroken device for this to work and have Cydia installed in your device. Well, for most of the features you are required to have a jailbroken device but there a few you can download from the App Store like the first one on the list.



Bedtime feature on the iOS 10 is very well managed and crafted but if you are running an older version which I hope you are because this is the whole purpose of reading this page, "Bedtime" tracks quality of sleep and wakes you up when you tell it to.

(Download: Sleep Cycle for iOS on the App Store)

Raise To Wake

We all might remember Apple introducing this feature with Apple Watch but it have now made it's towards iOS 10 and iPhone 7. Since the the feature announced with Apple Watch, I have been using this feature on iOS 9 because I found it interesting and you can to. You can download a teak named "FaceOff" from Cydia, it is 100% free.


Home App For HomeKit 


With iOS 10 Apple officially released another stock app called "Home", of course you can uninstall this which is awesome if you aren't using it but there are tons of third party app in the App Store, the one app that caught our eyes and is as close to the iOS 10 "Home" app is here, to download please follow the link.

(Download: Home for iOS on the App Store)

Lock Screen Widgets 

Yes, iOS 10 brings widgets to your lock screen, would you use this feature, comment below and if so here is how you can get widgets on iOS 9, "DopeLock" from Cydia just does that, currently $0.99 but there are other providers there to get it for free.

Memories And Object/Face Recognition In Photos App 

iOS 10 brings "memories" in the photos app and I must say I love it, I have used it and taking photos and videos during the day, come home at night and go to memories, it will have your best videos and photos in a nice video for you which I find very cool. Of course we want it on iOS 9, so there is just an app for that, well from our friends Google. Google Photos does it well and you can get it for free in the App Store.

(Download: Google Photos for iOS on the App Store)

3D Touch In Control Center

Yes, Apple has extended 3D Touch capabilities, well not far, only as far as the control centre and folders which is awesome and useful. To get this enable in iOS 9, you might have to spend a dollar in Cydia, it is called "QucikCenter", this tweak does more then iOS 10 toggle capabilities.

Parked Car 

This came at a surprise to me because not many people noticed it in iOS 10, the map that comes with iOS 10 knows where you parked your car and shows you the way back there, pretty cool, right? There is an app on the App Store that does just that, this app goes for $1.99, if you can not wait link below.

(Download: Track Back for iPhone on the App Store)

3D Touch To Clear All Notifications 

We all used to our notification Center being full and if we want clear or remove them from Notification Centre we would have to individually but no more in iOS 10, a 3D Touch will clear all your not action center, yes get excited but if you can't wait for iOS 10 then this tweak from Cydia will help you do the job, tweak name: 3D Touch to Clear Notifications and it is free so go get it.

Individual Read Receipts in Messages 

I understand screenshots are out dated but the tweak still exist on the Cydia, it is called "SelectiveReading", this will send or receive  individual "read receipts" of the every individual message in the messages app. It is available for $0.99 so if you can't wait then go get it now

Colored Toggles In Control Center 

I don't mind having color added to my toggles, it isn't a massive thing to look forward to but if you have a jailbroken device, you might as well get it from Cydia, this tweak is called "Cream" so add it to your iOS 9 now.

Home Screen Widgets with 3D Touch Quick Action 

iOS 10 brings a feature to your home screen that can drop down more info about the certain app by using a simple 3D Touch, if you would like to get your hands on it early might as well check it out on the Cydia, tweak name: Shortcuts with a price tag of $0.99

Fully Interactive Notifications 

Would you like to interact with your notifications? Well in iOS 10 you are to do that but to get our hands on it, we might as well do a simple search on Cydia for "Columna" with a price tag of $2.99 from the BigBoss repo.

Handwriting And Stickers In Messages 

I must added, I love the scribble functionality on watchOS 3.0 and of course a similar feature to that is available on iOS 10 messages app, to get your hands on it now, you might have to spend a few bucks and download it from Cydia. Tweak names: "Grafiti" and "StickerMe", both are under $3 bucks

Rounded UI 

This made iOS 10 looks more professional, I don't mind the round looking notifications but if you own a jailbroken device then you might head over to Cydia for some rounded love, the tweak name: "Roundification" and this one is free!

Hide/Delete Stock Apple Apps 

We have all been waiting for this feature for years and finally in iOS 10 we can delete stock Apple apps, I was happy to hear that and if you want to delete your stock Apple apps then you can too by adding this source: and download "AppHide". You're welcome!


iOS 10 helps people zoom into their content but we all can get our hands on this feature but downloading a free app to do that. 

(Download: Magnificent Free for iOS on the App Store)

There you go, I hope I covered it well but if there is anything please mention it below in the comment section. If you made it to the end, thank you for supporting us!

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