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How to Install iOS 11 – Direct Links

How to Install iOS 11 – Direct Links 

How to install ios 11 right now, you do not need a developer account for this to work and the best thing about it is that you do not need a PC or Mac, this is the simplest way to install iOS 11 Beta
Once again i will show you how to download iOS 11 free no computer with direct links.
I am so excited about iOS 11 features and I can not wait to show you everything. This video will show you how to download ios 11 free no computer.
Watch the video below:

Please go here installation link is here

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Monday, 12 September 2016


iPhone 7 Wallpapers | Taken With an iPhone 7, Download it Here

Update Your Wallpapers With These Beautiful Photos Taken With an iPhone 7. The following images are straight from an iPhone 7 and high quality images for your iPhone, iPod and Mac. I hope you enjoy your experience with your drives even more with these new high quality images. Everyone loves new iPhone 7 wallpapers so keep download and sharing :)

These images are from different sites and I have sourced them below.

Tell Us: What You think of these iPhone 7 Wallpapers in the comment section


Download: Left - Right


Download: Left - Right


Download: Left - Middle - Right


Download: High Quality


Download (2560 x 1440): High Quality

Download (2560 x 1440): High Quality (Jet BlackSilverGoldRose Gold)


Download: High Quality (Left - Right)
Download: High Quality  (Blue - Pink - Green - Yellow - Purple)


Source: ispazio

Thursday, 8 September 2016


Apple’s Wireless AirPods Announced, Here Are The Details

Are these like the ultimate light wireless headphones? YES! AirPods is very smart, it is that smart it has its own chip (W1). Infrared detects whether AirPods is in your ear or not. It is packed with features, I will list the features and what I think of it belowairpods-02

The New Apple AirPods will change listening to music when you want and which device you want to connect it to, the one step connect to any Apple device is mind blowing! it has 5 hour battery to listen to your favourite music but the AirPod case has 24 hour battery life which it will be able to charge and when that is low you can simply charge with a lightning connector.
What is interesting about AirPods is how simple easy it is to connect to any device, all you do is bring it near an iPhone or other Apple devices and open the AirPod's case, it simply ask you to connect on your device.
Apple is also upgrading beats range with W1 chip so there are enough wireless headphones for everyone.

The new AirPods is innovation, the simply and easy way to connect and listen to your music can't get any easier, wait... Apple removed headset jacks from iPhone 7 ad iPhone 7 Plus and this is basically exactly same process as connect your old school headphones and listening.

This AirPods don't come with iPhone 7 and the price is just $US 159

Apple Introducing AirPods Video

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iPhone 7: This is it - iPhone 7 Design, New Features, Camera & more

The wait is finally over, here we are with the most gorgeous iPhone ever, this is Apple's greatest iPhone ever, I have covered rumours for as long as I can remember about iPhone 7 but I am blown away from what it looks like and what Apple has managed to changed and upgrade, please tell me your thoughts about the iPhone 7 and are you purchasing one in two weeks?
This is what we have been waiting for nearly two years and Apple you have done it again, the design blows me away and the performance is stoppable.

iPhone 7 New design and new colours
iphone7-gallery1-2016New Jet Black colour
The design is incredible, the beautiful finish and the removal of antenna bands is certainly a welcoming change if you ask....
iPhone 7 New Features
There are many features but I will list the top five for you, here are the most surprising changes and features:
Feature 1: iPhone 7 New Camera
  • flicker senser
  • NEW flash
  • ISP for better color correction
  • Wide colour
  • low light improved
  • 10 zoom
  • DSLR like

The camera has certainly been upgraded and it does take some seriously beautiful photos, I can not wait to use it, if you were to purchase one, would you get it because of the camera or other features, I'd love to hear your thoughts, please comment it the comment section. "The Best Camera Ever Shipped on an iPhone".
Feature 2: Performance
  • every year faster and faster
  • new-gen chip
  • A10 Fusion
  • 50 % Faster
Feature 3: splash Proof
Finally, we get some sort of waterproof with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus but it isn't 100 percent waterproof.
Feature 4: Home Button
  • redesigned home button
  • force sensitive
  • taptic engine
Feature 5: New Display
  • The display is gone to a new level with more colours and 25% brightness.
  • Wide Colour Gamut
  • Cinema-Standard
  • Colour management
  • 3D Touch
Feature 6: Audio
Stereo speakers for the first time ever on an iPhone, there are speakers both on the top of the iPhone 7 and bottom for better sound.
Feature 7: battery life
  •  The longest battery life ever in an iPhone
  • iPhone 7: last 2 hour more than iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 7 plus: last 1 hour more than iPhone 6s Plus
Feature 8: Wireless
  • New Apple AirPods
  • 5 hours
  • 24 battery life
  • bring near iPhone and simply connect
  • one step connect
  • new W1 Chip
  • beats coming with new headphones as well
Feature 9: NO headset jack (Headset Jack GONE)
This was rumoured to happen for so long and yes, everyone is use to the old 3.5mm headset jack but I can not remember the last I used one, wireless headphones are popular these and since Apple purchased beats, they sort of move away from cords. An adapter is included with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.
Here is why Apple REMOVED The Headset Jack, there are three reasons why they did what they did;
  1. Courage to do more
  2. Needed more space
  3. Vision for Better audio
Feature 10: Apple Pay
  • new countries
  • NEW in Japan
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Tuesday, 6 September 2016


iOS 10 Tips: Everything To Know About iOS 10 Messages

iOS 10 Messages has been given the much deserving love it deserves as it was updated in a while but there a few welcome changes in iOS 10 messages, I have everything listed below and have also recorded a video which you can watch as well which is in below as well. Please be sure to install iOS 10 once you get the update and then you can use everything that is listed below.
In the messages app there are many small changes which helps with better user experience and performance. iOS 10 messages has the best features so here is the written part but if you like to see the video version please click here or scroll to the end to watch it now.

iOS 10 Messages: Features
  1. You can now send Video Links iOS 10 messages
    Receiver will be able to play the video right there within the messages app, videos can be from any link, YouTube, etc...
  2. You can also send Image links iOS 10 messages
    Message receiver will be able to see what the images looks like and can click and go straight to the link (as you can see image above)
  3. Take photos within messages app iOS 10 messages
    You can take photos within the messages app by click the "arrow" then select camera icon and you will be presented with LIVE view of the camera where you can can tap anywhere on LIVE view to take a photo and it will pop straight in the message box then you can add effects to it and send it.
  4. Send Emoji 3 times the normal size iOS 10 messages
    If you thought Emoji were smaller to see then this is for you, you can now send Emoji three times the original size and it will look beautiful. You can ONLY send unto 3 emoji three times the original size (see image)
  5. Messages will automatically recognise emoji so you don't have to search for one iOS 10 messages
    This is certainly a welcoming change to the messages app, I remember those days where I have to search everywhere for an Emoji but now thanks to iOS 10, we can enjoy the simple amazing "Auto Appearance Emoji".
  6. Messages will Highlight words to turns into Emoji iOS 10 messages
    If auto recognising Emoji isn't enough then iOS 10 messages can also "highlight" words that can be turned into emoji, if I was to write a message such as "I want to eat a small pizza with eggs on top" then iOS 10 will highlight words into an orange colour where you can tap on it and it will turn into an Emoji.

  • Bubble effects: Invisible Ink hides messages iOS 10 messages
    I do want some animations when opening a text and I am sure you would want to as well, iOS 10 bring "bubble effects" where you are free to select from a range of animation according to your needs such as the  "Invisible Ink", you can send text or images with this effect and this applies for "loud", "Gentle", and "Slam".
  • Bubble effects: Slam, loud, Gentle and Invisible Ink iOS 10 messages
  • More Options to rate while holding the already revised message iOS 10 messages
  • Digital Touch (Send Animated Drawings) iOS 10 messages
    You can click the "arrow" then select "the love heart with two fingers on it" then the keyboard will disappear and you will a squared black box with hand gestures along side, click the small "arrow"point up on the right side then the box with get bigger and that you select your colours and send anything drawings of any kind, there are already a few pre-made such as
    "tap with one finger" please with Apple Watch or iPhone 6s and up will feel the tap thanks to the new Haptic Engine, "Press with Finger" will send "fireball", if you want to send a kiss then just "tap with two finger" and if things are serious you can send your heart rate by using "Tap and hold with two fingers" and if things are getting worse in your relationship then try "Heartbreak" by using "tap and hold with two fingers, then drag down."  or you can draw anything you mind feels like.
  • Send hand writing with iOS 10 messagesiOS 10 messagesiOS 10 messages
    You can write with your fingers and send it. It will be sent animated where the receiver will see it animated, you can do this by turning your iPhone landscape and it will automatically will present you with a writing box, there is already few written one but you can write anything in the large white box.
  • Send full-screen Animation iOS 10 messages
    After you've written your message then you can tap and hold the send arrow then you will see "bubble", please select "Screen" then you have a range of options to select from, you can send a message with "balloons" in the background or with "confetti" or with "laser" or with "Fireworks" or with a "shooting star" if you are having a blast from the past.

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    Monday, 5 September 2016


    Everything To Know About iPhone 7

    On this iPhone 7 update; you learn everything you need to know about iPhone 7, iPhone 7 is only a few days ago and there has been loads of rumours and I have done my research and decided to fill you in on the coming iPhone.
    The Apple Event is on the 7th and I can not tell you how excited I am, on this event we will witness the release of iPhone 7, iOS 10, Apple Watch 2 and possibly a new product to be added to the already existing line up.

    iPhone 7 update ...

    iPhone 7 Design

    It has been confirmed by many major tech sites and leak specialists that the design of the up coming iPhone 7 will be like the image below and it will have a rounded camera, the headset jack will be done, the antenna bands will be hidden so you would not be seeing the ling wrap around the new iPhone.iPhone 7 update


    iPhone 7 Performance

    The performance of the iPhone 7 will be something that every will be surprised about as has been reported that it will have up to 2.4 Ghz speed on the Apple A10 Chip, Apple is using a new technology called "InFO" (integrated fan out technology which help boost performance to the next level.
    Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.18.56 PM
    After a few calculations, mathematic help and research I figured that there will be a 550 MHz increase from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7, in simpler words that is a HUGE increase and I think performance will be a big factor and a good selling point for Apple.
    There will be 3GB RAM on the iPhone 7 plus and storage unto 256 GB (16GB is gone)more on that here.

    iPhone 7 New Colours

    According to a few trust worthy leakers, it has been confirmed that there will be two NEW colours, the new colours are "DARK BLACK" and "Piano Black", please see the image below to see what it looks like.
    Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.29.45 PM

    iPhone 7 Camera

    The camera on the iPhone 7 will remain as one but upgraded and a little bigger, the camera on the iPhone 7 Plus will be doubled so a dual camera and the flash unite will have four LED, two to use for cooler and two for warmer which equals better TrueTone Flash. iPhone 7 Plus will have optical zoom capabilities and I think we are getting very close to a DSLR like camera on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. Cameras will help take better images in low light and better camera over all.
    iPhone 7 Plus

    iPhone 7 Packaging

    The packaging for the iPhone 7 Plus was leak and that confirmed so many things that we were sure of, you can find that article here since there are valuable information there, read more here.
    iPhone 7 Plus

    iPhone 7 Speakers

    iPhone 7 will not have two speakers instead will have a new technology to help with 3D Touch but the iPhone 7 Plus will have two speakers and a NEW amplifier for better quality sound.

    iPhone 7 Waterproof?

    Yes, it have been confirmed as well that iPhone 7 will be water proof unto one meters for 30 minutes, I don't think many people will of swimming with their iPhones but I know for sure that I will test it out.

    Will the iPhone 7 Have Iris scanner?

    Nope sorry :(

    Please show you appreciation by sharing this article on Facebook, twitter, etc... I spend so much time perfecting this, thank you for reading.
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    Friday, 5 August 2016


    Apple to Offer $200,000 Reward For Security Flaws

    Apple has finely joined the game and wants to do something about security of its users, I think Apple has had enough and now offering bug reporters up a whopping $200, 000, if you are a developer or have some ideas about how to get into the iPhone, iPad, iPod and other services then this is for you.

    This will be available as soon as next month, this bounty was introduced at the Black Hall information Security Conference. Other major tech companies have always paid bounties but this is new for Apple and maybe the right step forward.
    Why would Apple join the bounty games? That is very simple to answer, the number one reason would be because of how the FBI found a way to bypass the lock on the iPhone they've had in hand at the time.

    Hacker will be delighted with this news as they can easily spot out any security flaws and just to add, I don't think any hacker would report any issues to Apple because outside Apple, there are companies who offer far more than $200, 000.

    This is what Ivan Krstic, Apple's head of security engineering had to say;
    • "We've had great help from researchers like you in improving iOS security all along.
    • "Feedback that we've heard pretty consistently both from my team at Apple and also from researchers directly is that it's getting increasingly more difficult to find some of those most critical types of security vulnerabilities.
    • "So the Apple Security Bounty Program is going to reward researchers who actually share critical vulnerabilities with Apple."
    • "We're fortunate that we've earned trust from our customers, but we realise that that's something we have to keep earning."
    The last bit says it all, Apple will do anything to keep their customer's data safe but we learnt a lot from iCloud hacks as celebrity nudes were the only thing trending. What do you think of this, please be sure to add your thoughts in the comments below.

    Source: EverythingiProYahoo, Sky News

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